House Corporation Operations

Seven Successful Habits

House corporations are designed to provide safe and adequate chapter housing. To be successful,
consider the following habits:
1. Operate Like a Business
  • File for incorporation.
  • Conduct regular meetings.
  • Prepare and distribute minutes for all meetings.
  • Prepare an annual budget based on historical data.
  • Develop a well-balanced board of directors with a mix of ages, experience and backgrounds.

House Corporation 101

Chapter housing varies considerably from chapter to chapter. Some own their own chapter house, some rent from private owners, some rent from the university, some are in a fundraising mode to build a house while others have no facility at all and no immediate plans to do so. At each of these locations, there may be an entity comprised of volunteer alumni that calls itself “house corporation”.

Building Host Institution Rapport

An important strategy for every house corporation to develop is to build a working partnership with the host institution. All too often, the only time a house corp interacts with the university is when active chapter has done something wrong. Why not cultivate a relationship based on something right? Establish a good rapport with key people in the administration and nurture those relationships regularly.