Chapter House Maintenance

Taming the Energy Tiger

Winter weather will soon start spiking heating costs for many chapter houses. With energy costs at an all time high, better control of heating costs is essential.
In older housing, poor insulation and HVAC equipment is often the budgetary enemy. In new facilities built to conserve energy, the culprit is residents who leave doors ajar and windows wide open. (But that issue is for another article.)

Summer Security Checklist

It’s that time of year again. If the chapter house will be vacant for the summer, it’s time to secure the building. Do a walkabout and:
1. Check all doors and locks; secure all windows and remove all personal valuables from the chapter house.
2. Arrange to have the house checked at least weekly during the summer to make sure all is in order. Make sure to leave emergency contact information with all neighbors.
3. Turn off the water and natural gas supply.

Out Damn Spot!

One of a house corporation’s important tasks is to perform various types of repair and maintenance on the chapter house. Painting, carpeting and roof replacement fall in this category. One critical task that is often left up to Active Chapter is cleaning. The theory is if you rent a house, you are responsible to keep it clean. Great theory.

Chapter House Checklist

Each year, Sigma Chi house corporations are charged with life/fire safety and maintenance of the chapter house. Due to the customarily “intense” lifestyles of the active brothers, the facilities often experience a higher degree of wear and tear. Keeping up with these tasks in a consistent way is extremely important. Take the time to perform the following each year:

Bed Bugs Bite

Bed bugs are two words that no one wants to hear, particularly the board of a house corporation! They can cause a variety of serious concerns. They create an unbearable living environment which could result in lease defaults and the related drop in rental income. Bed bug infestations are becoming more and more common so it’s best to be prepared and to react quickly.
How do they get in?
• They hitchhike on clothes, luggage, boxes or furniture.