Active Chapter

Who Cares Out There?

From time to time, a feeling is expressed by house corporations that the fraternity doesn’t care about chapter housing. As a matter of fact, safe and adequate housing is one of Sigma Chi’s highest priorities and will receive even more attention during Bob Jones’ Grand Consulship. The Mission Statement of the Grand Trustees is “...assist our house corporations in the acquisition, construction, renovation and maintenance of chapter houses that are appropriate residences for our brothers and worthy of the reputation of Sigma Chi”. Key areas of expertise include:

Men of SIGnificance

House corporations deal with a dynamic group of clients. Undergraduate brothers in various stages of maturity present ongoing challenges in chapter house maintenance and rent collection. At times, the challenges for the directors of a house corporation can seem more cumbersome than the reward. At times like these, it’s important to review and reflect on the main reason Sigma Chi exists in the first place: to grow men of SIGnificance.

Forever Young

One area of continuing frustration for house corporations is the immaturity and bad judgment that periodically punctuates Active Chapter life. It’s the same old story: A Quaestor’s failure to collect housebills causes the chapter to default on rent. Some young brothers manage to pull a stunt that attracts the wrong attention from the police and university. Hazing raises its ugly head. Alcohol takes its toll with lasting and tragic results.

Brother Landlord

House corporation members find themselves in conflicting roles. As landlords of the chapter house, there is the obligation to enforce rent payments and proper maintenance of the facilities. As a Sigma Chi brother, there is an obligation to mentor and advise and be a “strong arm to lean on”. Doing both well at the same time can be difficult.