Lana Pshetnitskaya


Job Description: 




  • Process all payables for Sigma Chi Fraternity and Sigma Chi Foundation: 
  • confirm coding of invoices;
  • research authorization of purchases and unit cost of items purchased;
  • re-calculate math on both manually- and computer-generated invoices;
  • enter invoices into system and post to accounts payable;
  • print checks & procure signatures;
  • mail/route checks;
  • file paid invoices and maintain accounts payable files
  • Book payables for miscellaneous expenses and for expense report contributions to Foundation
  • Do reclassifying journal entries via A/P transactions.


  • Maintain and reconcile petty cash fund,
  • anaylze account balances for the Controller and do other research projects;
  • do most typing of department correspondence;
  • write guidelines for department use on A/P procedures peculiar to Great Plains software;
  • handle staff inquiries re payment information, account distributions, and accounting dept. policies.

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Lana Pshetnitskaya

Assistant to Controller
(847) 869-3655, ext. 260