Jim Cogdal


Jim joined the Sigma Chi International Fraternity Headquarters staff as the associate editor of The Magazine of Sigma Chi in June 2008 following a five-year career in sportswriting in the newspaper industry. In May 2012, he accepted his current role and enjoys interacting with undergraduates and alumni through his work with Sigma Chi's six educational programs and through alumni engagement. Jim currently serves as lead staff support for the Leadership Training Board and the Journey program.

He grew up in Utica, Ill., and later attended Bradley University in Peoria, Ill., as a member of the Delta Rho Chapter of Sigma Chi. As an undergraduate, Jim attended Horizons in 2001 and two Balfour Leadership Training Workshops. He is an avid sports fan, especially regarding the Chicago Bears and Chicago Cubs, so it makes sense that one of his favorite Sigs is Significant Sig Mike Ditka, PITTSBURGH 1961.

Jim lives in Chicago with his wife, Jenny. 

Job Description: 

The Senior Director of Membership Development reports directly to the Executive Director and oversees both the educational programs and alumni services departments. This position currently serves as the project lead for the Fraternity's Leadership Training Board, as well as support staff for Sigma Chi's six leadership programs.

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Jim Cogdal


Senior Director of Membership Development
(847) 869-3655, ext. 253