Jordan Initiative

The Jordan Initiative

The Jordan Initiative is a movement to eradicate hazing and other practices inconsistent with the Fraternity’s values. Its members believe in honoring their oath of initiation and holding Sigma Chis accountable to the highest standards of the International Fraternity, while taking the best possible care of Sigma Chi. If a brother believes in these principles, he is a member of this movement.

The Jordan Initiative is also the name of the Fraternity’s educational program that deals with preventing hazing. The objectives of its curriculum are as follows:

1.      Identify what constitutes hazing and why it persists;

2.      Understand how hazing contradicts Sigma Chi’s values and ritual;

3.      Discuss and understand the ripple effects of hazing;

4.      Explain each member’s responsibility to confront hazing practices; and

5.      Describe the guidelines for bystander intervention.


What can you do to help?

Advocate – Advocate for anti-hazing programs. Get involved in your local chapter and advocate for values-based pledge education. Hold members accountable and report any hazing activities to your university representative, chapter advisor, Grand Praetor and Sigma Chi International Headquarters.

Educate – Educate brothers on the contradictions that exist between hazing and our values. Share your personal experiences regarding hazing and how it negatively affected your chapter and your Sigma Chi experience.

Donate – Consider a contribution to the Sigma Chi Foundation, which funds the Jordan Initiative hazing prevention program and other values-based leadership programming.

For more information and to request a Jordan Initiative workshop at your chapter, please contact Brian Wilson, DEPAUW 2002, director of education and leadership programs, at, or (847) 869-3655, ext. 257.