The Alumni Journey

Horizons Guide Training

As an alumnus member of Sigma Chi Fraternity, you are eligible to serve as a Horizons Guide. Guides are immersed in the same interactive learning experienced by undergraduate participants. You will be highly trained to inspire, and share the Horizons journey with the undergraduates of Sigma Chi. The next Guide Training will tenatively take place Fall of 2020 onsite at Snowbird, UT.

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As a Guide Training Participant

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You Will Explore the Inner Territories of Leadership:

  • How leadership is directly linked to one's values and character
  • How to incorporate high-minded values into the lifelong practice of leadership
  • How to discover and utilize your full potential

Expectations of a Guide:

  • Fully participate in the Horizons experience during the guide training in Snowbird, Utah.
  • Agree to guide a minimum of three Horizons sessions over the next six years
  • Support and follow-up with a minimum of eight small group participants
  • Provide feedback on the program to the Horizons Oversight Committee
  • Ability and willingness to communicate electronically


If you are interested in Horizons Guide Training or have any questions, please contact DJ Morris, Leadership Programs Coordinator, at (847) 425-4431, or