Pick Me Pick Me!

When it comes to House Corporation Board elections, are candidates scarcer than snowballs in h-e-double hockey sticks? This is a common frustration where the same few brothers shoulder the responsibility for life. So, how do you get others to raise their hand and step forward? Some suggestions:
Communicate Regularly. Uninformed brothers are uninvolved brothers. If you don't tell them what's going on and give them a reason to get involved, they won't. Regular newsletters get the word out and help recruit the willing.
Put Them on a Pedestal. Most brothers love recognition. Turn a "thankless" job into a position of honor. Hand out kudos and certificates, praise and congratulations. Do this at every opportunity, including board meetings and newsletters. Volunteers are attracted to positive, uplifting environments.
Socialize. People like helping people they know but easily dodge commitment to strangers. House Corp should sponsor several socials each year to break the ice. Golf tournaments, rafting trips, pub crawls and other social events promote brotherhood and a desire to join in.
Encourage. Volunteers need to know they are doing the right thing. Remember to build them up and ask if they need help. Value their opinions.
Remember as a kid waiving your hand wildly to be recognized by the teacher? Age tempers that need to stand up and stand out. It takes someone to get the ball rolling. Let’er roll! Pick me, pick ME!