Friend Raising

If you intend to fund raise, you must also “friend raise” - before, during, and after a capital campaign! A comprehensive program is the means to achieve this. An important part of that program is successful alumni relations. This can be summarized as the Five I of Successful Alumni Relations:
Identified. The first step is knowing who your alumni are. Besides contact information, strive for career information and details about community and fraternity involvement. Records management becomes the backbone of your fund raising program.
Informed. Keeping alumni up to date on the chapter is important but pales in comparison to keeping them informed about each other's whereabouts and related news. This relies heavily on your ability to gather and maintain information about your alumni. Keeping them informed simply involves disseminating that information.
Interested. Offering alums information about others and issues they are concerned with is the key to getting and keeping them interested.
Involved. The opportunity to affect the future of the chapter or the opportunity to share in the chapter’s activities is key to alumni involvement. All alumni programming should seek to get alumni participating in planning, decision making and activities.
Invested. In terms of involvement, the pinnacle of successful alumni relations is having alumni invest their money in the alumni program. This can be as simple as paying for attendance to a function or participating in the annual fund all the way up to donating to the chapter house renovation and scholarship fund.
Envisioning the possibilities of alumni willing to invest is exciting and motivating.
As you develop your friend raising program, fund raising possibilities increase. Keep your “I” on the prize.
From Fraternity Management Group