Collegiate Housing & Infrastructure Bill

Chapter houses seem to have an insatiable need for renovation. As the houses age and are subjected to “accelerated depreciation” by the residents, house corporations are challenged to keep the housing safe and competitive with other forms of university housing. Universities have long had the advantage of being able to use tax deductible contributions to maintain their property.
The Collegiate Housing and Infrastructure Act (Senate Bill 638 and House Bill 643) filed in early 2007 would make that playing field more level by allowing non-university owned not-forprofit student housing, like fraternities and sororities, to enjoy the benefit of tax deductible donations. (Senate Bill 638 is attached.) The effects of this bill will improve the housing capacity and life-safety challenges that currently face much of the college student housing market nationally.
This bill would permit house corporations to receive grants of tax-deductible contributions made to recognized foundations to use for fire and life safety renovations as well as structural and cosmetic reconstruction without being subject to the “educational purpose test” as required under current law.
Sigma Chi has joined in a cooperative effort to lobby passage of this badly needed legislation. For more on this coalition and the good work it does, see Capital Fraternal Caucus Please consider registering on the site (Sigma Chi will get recognition for this).
To help promote passage of this bill, the Grand Trustees strongly urge every Sigma Chi house corporation member as well as their family and friends to send messages of support to your elected federal representatives: The Capital Fraternal Caucus website makes this easy. Sigma Chi will get points for each message sent. Grand Trustee Chairman Bruce Casner is the Chairman of Sigma Chi’s Governmental Affairs Committee and sits on the Capital Fraternal Caucus Executive Committee as well. He assures us that these kinds of communications do make a difference.