Chapter House Checklist

Each year, Sigma Chi house corporations are charged with life/fire safety and maintenance of the chapter house. Due to the customarily “intense” lifestyles of the active brothers, the facilities often experience a higher degree of wear and tear. Keeping up with these tasks in a consistent way is extremely important. Take the time to perform the following each year:
Life & Fire Safety. The highest priority of all for a house corporation is to provide a safe environment for the residents. Here is a list of common life and fire safety issues that chapter houses should review:
Fire Alarm System. Inspected and certified in good working order by a qualified contractor.
Fire Sprinkler System. Inspected and repaired annually by a qualified contractor. (If your chapter house does not have fire sprinklers, contact your Grand Trustee for further information and resources.)
Smoke Detectors. All in place and working, especially in sleeping rooms. (Replace battery operated detectors with hardwired.)
Exit Signs & Emergency Lights. All in place and functioning properly.
Fire Egress. All required egress windows and doors meet fire code. All hallways, stairwells, egress doors and windows are clear of obstructions.
Fire Extinguishers. All are in place and have been inspected and recharged as needed within the last twelve months.
Housekeeping. No accumulation of trash, clothes or other flammables.
Kitchen Range Hood. Steam cleaned within the last 6 months.
Central Heating System. Furnace or boiler has received an annual inspection and repair by a qualified contractor. Furnace/boiler room is free of storage (boxes, furniture, flammables, etc.).
Fire Doors. Fire rated doors in all locations required by fire code. All hardware (crash bars, hinges,
knobsets and closers) working properly.
Stairwells. All hand rails in place and stairs in good repair.
Flammable Storage. All flammables (cleaners, gasoline, etc.) are in proper containers and fire code rated storage.
Maintenance & Repair. Keeping the chapter house in good repair is essential to preserving liveability and attracting and retaining brothers who appreciate high standards.
Bathrooms. All fixtures are working properly. No evidence of mold.
Carpet/Vinyl. No tears or seam separation.
Electrical Outlets/Switches. Intact and working properly.
Furnace/HVAC. In good working order.
Furniture. In good serviceable condition.
Hot Water Heater/Boiler. Flushed to remove sediment and working properly.
Kitchen. All equipment is working properly.
Lights-Interior. All working properly including light bulbs.
Plumbing. No leaks.
Broken/Missing Glass. All window and door glass is in good repair.
Concrete Safety Repair. No tripping hazards.
Entry Door Locks. All locks are in good repair.
Roof. In good condition; no torn, missing or broken shingles.
Fire Escape Stairs. In good repair and free of obstruction.
Roof-Gutters & Downspouts. In good repair and running clear (test with hose if necessary).
Siding & Trim. In good repair, caulking around windows and doors in tact.
Paint-Exterior. No cracking or peeling.
Lights-Exterior. All in good working condition including light bulbs.
Curb Appeal. Looks matter to the city, college, neighbors, rushees and pledges. To encourage self respect, pride in the chapter house and to make it attractive for actives and pledges, the following should be done weekly:
House. Cleaning to remove trash, vacuum, mop, dust, clean kitchen and bathrooms. (This is also a fire safety issue.)
Grounds. Yard and parking lot free of trash and debris. Bushes and trees are pruned. Lawn is regularly mowed and watered.
Doing a chapter house walk through to address these specific issues is extremely important and should be done at least twice a year. Performing this checklist will help develop your To Do List and keep the chapter house in good and safe repair.